About Fabrice Serafino

About Fabrice Serafino

Fabrice’s professional experience includes 15 years as a dancer in several internationally renowned companies, from Béjart Ballet Lausanne to Rambert Dance Company, via English National Ballet and Cullberg Ballet.

In September 2004, he retired from dancing to attend the Motley Theatre Design Course in London.
Since then, he has been extensively designing for dance, theatre and opera.

Alongside his theatre design career, Fabrice has enjoyed making his own art projects, using different media and different techniques.
He creates objects that are very often abstract, even though some of them can suggest a story, a situation or an action.
Coming from a theatrical background, he likes to play with scale, texture and color, working within parameters which help to structure the work.

in 2016, he discovered the art of basket making with Adrian Charlton, master in traditional English willow basketry. Fabrice then practiced and developed his own style of weaving, combining traditional technique with a contemporary sculptural approach.

He combines different objects with willow and creates works where surprising associations of materials become obvious and complementary.

His passion for movement is also reflected in his woven creations and brings fluidity to his contemporary basketry.